Why book a Hair and Make Up Artist?

In my first blog post, I thought I’d explain a bit about why I think you should book a hair and make-up artist for that most special occasion, your wedding.

You’ve spent months (even years) planning your perfect day, maybe it’s something you’ve been dreaming about since you were little. You’ve chosen a beautiful venue, selected a colour scheme, carefully arranged the seating plan and decided on a delicious menu. You’ve booked a photographer to record every part of the day and chosen flowers and decorations to tie in with your colour scheme.  You’ve also picked out your ideal dress and had it fitted exactly to you, maybe you’ve even treated yourself to some beautiful jewellery or shoes for this occasion.

Why would you not book a hair and make-up artist too?

Maybe you don’t wear much make-up, or you have a particular look you always go for. Perhaps you never do much with your hair, or you always tie it up. But your wedding day isn’t every day. It’s once in a lifetime and you aren’t wearing the same as every day, or even a special occasion, and your hair and make-up should reflect and flatter that.

Wearing white (or ivory, champagne, etc) can be hard and it’s so easy to end up looking washed out.  Flash photography can have the same effect. Your make-up artist will know how to counteract this. Your hair stylist will ensure that the style compliments your dress, incorporates your veil or accessories and doesn’t come loose when you’re throwing shapes on the dance floor with your new spouse late in to the night!

Even if you’re confident with your hair or make-up, wedding morning nerves can throw you off. Booking a hair and make-up artist means the curling tong is in steady hands and it gives you a chance to relax before the event, perhaps with a glass of fizz.

Another consideration is that a hair and make-up artist can ensure that you bridal party has a consistent aesthetic. Perhaps one of your girls has a penchant for blue lipstick, which whilst you love her, you do not want in your wedding photos. It can be easier to get everyone on the same page if you employ a bridal hair and make-up artist. 

Some brides choose to book a lesson with an artist and then buy the necessary products. Your artist will use a number of luxury skin, makeup and hair products to give you a flawless, long-lasting look, so this could end up as a bit of a false economy and you’ll still have the pressure on the day. Another option is visiting a make-up counter in a department store; but remember these artists are tied to their brand and most work on commission: it’s in their interest to sell you their brand’s products. An independent hair and make-up artist will use the products they’ve tried and tested to give the best results and can give you an unbiased opinion.

I’m also always available for my brides for any question or concern, from the first enquiry to time they leave for their ceremony (and even until the evening if you like!). That’s a service you’re just not going get to from a one-off lesson or a counter.

So, what are you waiting for? I can’t wait to hear from you!

Sarah x

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