How to prepare for your bridal hair and make-up trial

The hair and make-up trial is often something brides really look forward to but it can be a scary prospect. Your wedding is such a special occasion, you’re wearing something completely different to your usual and your hair and make-up will need to complement that.

I am frequently asked by brides if they need to do anything for their hair and make-up trial, so I thought I’d put this guide together.


Please do bring along pictures of hair and make-up styles you like. It’s a lot easier than trying to describe what you like or what you’re thinking; it avoids anything being lost in translation! I would also suggest that you look at styles where the model has similar colouring to you. A hairstyle on a blonde will look quite different if you have dark hair.

It’s also helpful for me to see a couple of photographs of you with your everyday hair and make-up and for a night out or special occasion. Natural make-up or a smokey eye can mean different things to different people and I want you to be comfortable with the finished look.

But be prepared to try something new!

I will of course be led by you and any inspiration pictures you show me, but do bear in mind that wedding hair and make-up really does differ from your daily style and even what you might wear for another special occasion. It needs to look fabulous in person and in photographs, as well as last all day, from the first snaps of you in your dress to the end of the night when you’re dancing with your shoes off!


If you have your veil and hair accessories, bring those along too. I can incorporate them into the hairstyle we create for you, so you can see exactly what it will look like on the big day. If you’re still undecided, I have a veil and a selection of accessories so we can try a few things.

What to wear

Try and wear something in a similar colour and with a similar neckline to your dress. Brides-to-be often have difficulty visualising the complete look, but wearing white can be more helpful than a brightly patterned or polo neck top! Though, of course, make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you wear.


Please wash your hair the day before your trial – it’ll hold style better than squeaky clean or slightly damp hair! Try to avoid using too much product or over straightening.

If your hair needs a trim, don’t leave it too close to your trial or your wedding day. At least a week before allows for the bluntness to soften, which is better for an updo!


Good skincare gives a great base for make-up. I have a separate guide to skincare coming up, but a good cleanser and moisturiser (even for oilier skins!) is the best place to start.


I tend to schedule trials in the morning, so that you can see how the hair and make-up wears over the day. However, I can do later appointments too. It can be nice to arrange your trial to coincide with your hen party, a special date night or even a dress fitting.


Feel free to bring along your mum, sister or best friend to your trial, but as with wedding dress shopping, too many opinions can confuse you and distract you from what you really like. Having someone with you who you trust to give an honest, constructive opinion can be helpful.

At your trial, my aim is to find a look you love and that works perfectly for your wedding. Please do let me know at the trial if you would prefer a darker eye or a different lip colour perhaps.

At the end of our appointment, I hope you leave feeling pampered, relaxed and excited for the big day!

Sarah x


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